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Sex Is Personal
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Date:2005-07-20 15:41
Subject:*deep sigh*
Mood: annoyed

It was some book.

1) Oft In Mercy by switchknife. Major mind-fuckery, D/s themes, foreign objects, very hot. Harry/Snape.
2) Gen AU. Saddest story ever written. The Dursley's mindfuck Harry into believeing that all magic is bad and evil and that he is worthless and bad through various kinds of abuse and then he goes off to Hogwarts and tries to function after being majorly fucked up. You will cry.

1) Etc. Massive Slug Club orgy. Very funny.
2) Protection. Greyback/Draco non con D/s mindfuckery with a dash of lyncanthropy.

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Date:2005-07-06 23:17
Mood: headachey

1) We're Not Apathetic (We Just Don't Give A Damn) by Stellabelle. Not really slash, but the most hilarious and true to life and HILARIOUS take on emo ever. I was laughing my ass off so many times, especiall at parts like Millicent offering Draco ham and him saying, "Ham's not emo, Millicent. Do we have any gruel?" SO TRUE!!!

2) Hall of Mirrors by Ella Bane. I actually read this kind of awhile ago, and since then it's been edited a little. Um...Draco cries a little too much and has that attitude that makes sensible people cringe, but overall he's really sweet and the story is very well-written (if slightly OOC). It has mystery, drama, sadness, great sex, and a little almost non-con, always a plus. Definite good read.

3) Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others by tarie. Not slash, actually, het, and with Millicent Bulstrode of all people, but by God, is it good. Just such a compelling and touching and nice read, and has lots of Pansy bashing and a nic elook into the Slytherin house. VERY good. And this is coming from the person who would just as soon cut women out of Harry Potter altogether to get more slash.

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Date:2005-06-18 17:24
Subject:Fucking w00t.
Mood: horny


I usually try not to support pairings like Dudley/Harry, but you need to read this. With tissues handy. >.< w00t!

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Date:2005-06-16 23:38
Mood: awake

Added all my stuff to the memories section.

Not wholly sure why I’m reccing this. It makes me sneer more than it makes me do anything. Rather than tell you the ‘plot’, I will tell you the 20000000+ pairings and standout events.

1) Pansy/Ginny
2) Percy/Neville
3) non-con Marcus/Percy
4) For some reason, Percy goes to jail, where psycho!Marcus rapes him a lot in terrible ways, as per usual. When they go to Greece, they see Marcus and M thinks P has gone crazy and forgotten the raping and cruelty, so they invite him to their house. He goes b/c he wants to rape more people (his main hobby) but everyone else is gone. Pansy and Percy drug him, knock him down the stairs and break his leg, SODOMIZE HIM WITH A KNIFE, and toss his body out to sea.
5) Siri/Seamus
6) vague Seamus/Dean
7) Seamus has some family heart condition--I forget what it does b/c I always just call it Exploding Heart Syndrome, but it means he can die at any time.
8) When Siri and Seamus get engaged, they wear BRAIDS OF EACH OTHERS HAIR.
9) Fred/George
10) unrequited Bill/Charlie
11) Charlie is married to an elf.
13) Narcissa was, in school, a mousy bookworm, and just uses glamours and makeup to look hot.
14) Dumbledore is killed. (I believe.)
15) Siri/Seamus/Harry
16) Ron is in love with Harry and goes crazy and tries to kill himself and Herm has to go inside his head to fix it and loses her magic.
17) Dean/Lee (cool)
18) Siri/Fred/Draco
19) Blaise/Draco
20) For some reason, Sirius has a séance so he can talk to Marcus--who comes and starts talking about how when Seamus dies, he’s going to--can you guess--RAPE HIM IN THE AFTERLIFE.

Trust me, there’s lots more. I have not even mentioned the psycho split-personality Brise Baine, who may or may not have (it's never really clear) raped Ron. I have ranted and raved and talked about this fic 1000 times and more to Otis. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the Double Cross RPG. The 25 chapters up now should keep you occupied for a bit, but beware--it hasn’t been updated since November of 2002.

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Date:2005-06-02 14:25
Mood: sore

1) Lessons Taught, Lessons Learned...Pansy/Hermione, Pansy/Draco voyeur mindfuckery...Pansy's a little scary, which is, of course, how we like her! Very good.

2) can't remember the title...who cares? Harry/omc, Harry/Draco (ish). Very sad, but sexay.

3) Double Or Nothing...yummalicious Charlie/Draco with Draco as a hooker. Of course.

4) art! Hogwarts students as the cast of Hocky Horror Picture Show.

5) Second Star To the Right, And Straight On Till Morning. Gorgeous and sorta sexy and awesome and crying Neville/Draco. Draco will make you cry like whoa. The story is like whoa.

6) A lesson In Control...James/Harry AU magicked mindfuckery. Very hawt. Plus art!

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Date:2005-05-29 16:52


Check the memories...currently up are all my stand-alone HP slash fics and trilogies. More recs and my epics will be up soon.


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